At Digital State we pride ourselves in our ability to add value throughout the life cycle of a business. Our aim is to make a real difference to those companies with whom we partner.

We work with clients on training, market sizing and research, process design, set up, business planning and revenue generating strategies.  





Analyse current position

Brainstorm using creativity techniques

Provide Financing and funding requirements

We then review your success to date

Conduct thorough research across the marketplace

Review obstacles and problem areas

Partner with leading professional service providers

Understanding of  what has worked well and what hasn’t

Listen to your challenges

Prioritise the most important business aspects

Commercialise and position across market

Recalibrate strategy, enhance and update plans


Digital State was founded in early 2017 by Stephen Sheehan. Based in Dublin Ireland, Stephen has spent more than 20 years in International Financial Services working for leading industry institutions such as Citi and ABN Amro Bank across the EMEA region.

He has managed numerous complex product lines as well as comprehensive client relationships across banking, payments and asset management industries. 

His detailed product knowledge of capital markets and international banking has been reinforced by a strong desire to enable companies innovate using future commerce and Fintech strategies.   

Stephen is a graduate of University College Dublin and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).